COVID-19 Business Update

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An Update on how we will be doing business during these unprecedented and challenging times.

In light of the Presidents Declaration of the Cornavirus (COVID-19) being a National Disaster, we as a business are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our staff members as well as our clients during these unprecedented times. All the while continuing to ensure that we can still offer the best property services that everyone has come to expect from us over the past 53 years.

In line with the Presidents calls, we have put in place a number of procedures that will hopefully assist in keeping our service levels at an optimum, as well as keeping the safety of our general community/clients at hand.

The immediate actions that have already been implemented in all offices are as follows:

  • Hand Sanitizer Spray - Hand Sanitizer bottles have been placed at the entrance to each office, as well as spray bottles placed in each department. These Sprays are for use of both clients and staff members.
  •  Cleaning of Counters and Hand Rails -  Isopropyl Alcohol spray is used to frequently clean all the counters and hand rails in the office. 
  • Elbow Greeting or No Physical Contact - We have instructed all staff members (administration as well as agents) that although this may not seem appropriate in our Service Orientated Business, when meeting with clients they DO NOT SHAKE HANDS and rather use the Elbow Greeting or better yet, to avoid all physical contact at this time. This may seem a little extreme, but we honestly believe that it is in the best interest of both our Staff Members and Clients.
  • Personal Space - We have instructed all Staff Members to remain at least 1m away from all clients, either while meeting in the offices or while viewing a property.
  • Medical Symptoms - Should any staff member be showing signs of fever or any other symptoms related to the Virus, they have been requested to seek immediate medical advice and not return to work until they have been cleared of any potential virus. 
  • Air Travel within SA - All staff have been requested to not make any unnecessary air travel within SA. If this travel is absolutely necessary the business has protocols in place to deal with this.
  • Overseas Travel - if a staff member has travelled overseas, on their return they will be required to be self-isolated for 2 weeks before returning to work (this is in line with National Protocols). On this same note, we would appreciate if any of our clients that have been overseas recently, and should be self-isolating, to please refrain from dealing with our staff on a face to face basis in the office or other meeting place. We are very happy to assist via Skype, Whastapp Video or Zoom calls.
  • Remote Work - we are putting in place procedures where our admin staff are able to work from home in order to continue the smooth running of Body Corporate and Rental Business should a complete quarantine be announced by Medical Officials.
  • Body Corporate Meetings - At this stage we have regrettably cancelled all upcoming AGM and Special General meetings for Bodies Corporate until after the Easter Weekend. Our Body Corporate Department will be in touch with each Body Corporate with further info as and when it is available.

From a Sales Department perspective, our Agents will all be travelling with Hand Sanitizer that can be used on both themselves and the clients viewing a home. Our agents have been instructed to ask all potential buyers not to touch anything in the home while viewing a property.  

We are well aware of our responsibility to our Sellers, to get your homes sold. It is with this in mind that we would like to assure you of our complete attention to marketing your home during this challenging time, while all the while trying to minimise any risk to the Sellers, Potential Buyers as well as our agents.

As a business who has a long history in the PMB and surrounding areas, we are committed to managing the spread of the virus while still offering you, our clients the best service possible. We thank you for your understating during these unprecedented times and hope that you will join us in doing whatever is necessary not to let the virus spread any further in our lovely town and surrounding areas.

Keep Safe,

Paul Campbell

Author: Paul Campbell

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